Tube Conveyors


The tubular screw conveyors are being utilized fort the conveying and dosing of powder or granulate as well as for coarse products. The product flows through the infeed into the spiral screw which carefully transports it to the outlet.
The tubular screw conveyors can also be used as a dosing organ. The flowrate is precisely regulated by a frequency controlled drive motor.
In our product catalog we have both a light and a heavy-duty version according to the density and the flow characteristics of the medium to be conveyed.


  • the modular construction guarantees individual and constumized solutions for every situation of installation.
  • a robust, simple conveying system
  • conveying angle from horizontal up to vertical
  • dust-free, clean product transport
  • can also be run on overpressure

Technical Data:

  • diameter 60-800mm
  • circulatory 0.1 ...250m3/h