Screw Elevator


The screw elevators enable you to get your material comfortably and dust-free to the right place. They offer the ideal solution in order to convey different products alternately. The product flows through the inlet into the conveyor pipe and is transported up to the outlet by the screw shaft.
Screw elevators serve to fill silos or funnels. The screw elevators are constructed modularly, which makes numerous solutions possible. The engine speed, the rise of the spiral and the motor power are laid out according to the product's behaviour in order to prevent a return flow of the product. The screw elevator can be delivered with a mobile frame on rolls, so that it always stands in the right place. The product space can be cleaned swiftly and easily.


  • modular construction guarantess individual and customized solutions
  • dust-free, clean product transport
  • mobile frame
  • easily cleanable